Do you allow outside food?

Due to liability issues, we cannot allow outside food with the exception of birthday cakes.


What ages are allowed in the playground?

All ages are allowed in.


Do you have equipment for children under 3?

Yes, we have a specially designed “toddlers area” that is specifically set up for children 0-3.


Do you offer any family discounts?

We do! Any additional child after the first two is eligible for a 20% discount. Only Monday through Thursday (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays excluded)


Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes, we also offer a 20% discount to military families and children with disabilities.

If you visit us after 7pm, we also offer 30% discount everyday.


Are you open on holidays?

We are open 7 days a week, 10am to 7pm


We love visiting Hide N Seek! Do you have monthly or yearly pass?

We offer MONTHLY pass for summer. Cardholders can play at anytime and any days with the passes.


Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?

Yes. We have gift card available at any value upon your request.


Can you accommodate a nut-free, or gluten free diet?

Hide N Seek is a peanut-free space, with a peanut-free menu.

We also have several options on our menu that do not contain other types of nuts or gluten. That said, our facility itself is not completely nut or gluten-free, so it is always possible that there are traces of both in the playground.


We’ve booked a birthday party with you! Where can we get birthday cakes or cupcakes from?

We have a partnership with Block 1912 European Bakery and Café (they’re our go-to cake specialists). If you place an order through them, let them know that you booked a birthday party with us, and they will give you 20% off your order.

Block 1912 can also make gluten-free or nut-free creations at your request, although their facility is not 100% nut- or gluten-free.